I started this project just three months after I started working at Duarte Inc,. 2 years later (almost to the day) I was able to open the first shipment and it was amazing.
The project started with me pitching it to my manager:
Help incoming Duarte employees while creating something I’ve always wants to do.
Create a deck of cards outlining tips and tricks in ppt 
A deck of cards can be split into two parts, face cards and number cards. Number cards can be split into four by suit. Using these different suits as categories for the tips might be a good way to organized them. 
Face cards can either be quotes centered around things we always see or say. The deck is self can be Duarte branded or self-branded but that can come as the content is more in place.
This would be useful for new hires, designers, PMs and AMs alike. It might be a cool product for Duarte to sell along with the books or the workshops. It will be a general resource. And on top of that  I have always wanted to design a deck of cards...I actually collect them. I have 70 or so decks at home *fun fact*.
Then the project took off
I started with over 300 tips gathered from around the shop and whittled them down to just over 52 (I needed some back ups just in case). I worked with designers, copy proofers and our CEO to make sure this was going to be a useful project and not just a passion project.
I think I succeeded.
Below is a more in depth look at the process it took for me to get from day one to delivery and how the design evolved throughout.
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