First Thursday came from reviving something that was created before my time at Duarte that needed some love. I wanted to bring back the idea of giving people a break from their everyday work, from staring at the computer for 8 hours straight every day, and work with their hands while learning something new. So I helped light the fire under First Thursdays again.
It started with me and another coworker but then fell on me to make this come to life. Now after over two years of running it alone I've got a team of 3 to help plan, prep, and run the events. I manage the budget and the small team to make every first Thursday of each month something fun, exciting and attainable for designers and non-designers alike. 
Some past First Thursdays: Macrame plant holders, shinky dinks, zines, stamp carving, marble mugs, DIY notebooks and so much more.
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