Haley Rich
I decided to revive something that was created before my time at Duarte and had started to fall to the wayside. I wanted to bring back the idea of giving people a break from their everyday work, from staring at the computer for 8 hours straight every day. So I helped light the fire under First Thursdays again. 
It started with me and another coworker but then fell on me to make this come to life. Today I manage the budget and a small team to make every first Thursday of each month something fun and exciting and attainable for designers and non-designers alike.
Some past First Thursdays: Macrame plant holders, shinky dinks, zines, stamp carving, marble mugs, and so much more.
Macrame Plant Holders
Stamp Carving
Wooden Serving Trays
Painted Sandollars
Shabori Tie-Die