I wanted to find a book that had been banned and give it a new life. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland was banned for a number of reasons but I chose to focus on the fact that it was banned for its use of drugs and drug themes throughout the story. I wanted to give the reader the feeling that they are in a sense “tripping-out.”
I did this a couple ways. First the user views the cover of the book which jumps out with a mix of red and blue that even without the glasses still interact. And the fact that there is no title on the cover, starts a sense of confusion for the reader. The glasses on the cover are there almost saying “put me on” kind of the the curiosity theme throughout the book.
I created the headline/accent font myself because I wanted a certain look that I couldn’t find in an online font, and then gave that text a 3-D effect that really pops when the reader dons the 3-D glasses. Throughout the rest of the book certain lines of text are given the same 3-D effect to continue the feeling as the reader goes through Alice’s story. Along with creating the design, I also hand-stitched and bound the book myself.
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